The Mayfair Divan set SPECIAL OFFER

Shown here with the Destiny set in white and grey 3p.c.e for only £275.00

Deep Quilted mattress

Featuring a 13.5g open coil spring unit, made with man made fillings. The Mayfair is 9 inch deep with superb damask ticking and is fully turnable.

Specifications: This Mattress has a medium feel to it. The cover/finish comes in damask covers. With a open coil 13.5g spring. Mattress height is approximately 7” ( 18 cm ) The divan base comes in a standard grey colour, and the headboard matches the base.   Manufactures: W. Beds

SPECIAL OFFER: it includes a Deep quilted mattress, 2 Drawers in the base which comes in standard grey, and a padded headboard(grey)

Single (3ft / 92cm) Divan set ALL for only £225.00

Small Double (4ft / 122cm) Divan set ALL for only £275.00

Double (4ft 6in / 138cm) Divan set ALL for only £275.00

King (5ft / 153cm) Divan Set ALL for only £389.00

Normally in stock, same day delivery available (conditions apply)

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